As we’ve said already, we know every business is different and one size does not fit all so we don’t normally have a plan until we meet over coffee, discussed your needs and challenges and then agree the way forward.

HOWEVER!!  We also know some of our clients know exactly what they want so they often start with one of our packages.

HR Starter Pack

This package is designed for small businesses to ensure that the business is legally compliant.  It includes the minimum standards that the business needs (plus we give a little more!) to have in place to protect them against potential claims when they employ staff.  It includes:

  • Employment Contract
  • Basic Employee Handbook
  • 5 Key Policies
  • 2 Standard Forms
  • 2 Hours Expert HR Consultation (phone and email support)

HR Starter Pack Plus

This package is designed for businesses that want a little more than the basic package.  Some more in-depth policies and procedures and some more operational or strategic advice.  It includes:

  • Employment Contract
  • Basic Employee Handbook
  • 10 Key Policies
  • 5 Standard Forms
  • 5 Hours Expert HR Consultation (phone and email support)

Recruitment Support Package

The recruitment and selection of new employees is always a big step to take and should be carefully considered and planned.  Businesses know the people they employ will be their future ambassadors and will either become assets or big mistakes!  This package is to help businesses advertise, recruit and select the best person for the job and includes:

  • Recruitment & Selection Policy
  • 5 Recruitment Templates Job Description Template
  • Top Tips for successful recruitment
  • 2 Hours Expert HR Consultation (phone and email support)

Manager Support Pack

We often find managers are employees who have in the past been great at their day job!  Either the highest earning sales rep or the most effective administrator suddenly being made the manager of the team! 

What a lot of businesses then fail to notice is that their ‘managers’ haven’t had the training to really lead and develop that team.  They’ve not dealt with sickness absence before, they’ve not had to deal with poor performance so this package provides some management guidelines to deal with common managerial challenges.  It includes:

  • 5 Management Processes & Guidelines including managing absence and performance
  • 2 Hours Expert HR Consultation (phone and email support)

Monthly Support Line

If you just want some reassurance then we are available at the end of the phone or via email.  Anytime between 09.00am and 5.00pm (and often either side when needed!) we will be happy to support and run through any of your people challenges.  This package includes:

  • 2 Hours Expert HR Consultation each month (phone and email support)

We know there are lots of generic documents available on the internet but if you want to ensure you are fully protected and your documents are not going to end up costing you a fortune in potential claims speak to us and be confident that what you are using is compliant.

Remember – we know not everyone is the same!!  So each package can be tailored (mix and matched if you want!) to meet your individual requirements.  If you would like further information give us a call or drop us a line and discover what’s possible when we work together.