'Act before you React' !

28 March 2019

I’m pretty sure you can answer yes to these statements:

  • I would teach my child to swim before throwing them in the pool
  • I will check the traffic and hazards before I walk across a main road
  • I would definitely check I had my parachute before jumping out the plane

It’s quite normal to ‘act in a situation before you have to react to a situation’, however in the business world it amazes me how many people don’t act until they have to react!

For example....

  • I’ve known Bob hasn’t been performing for three years but he’s now lost a big client that’s rocked the business so I’ll sack him.
    • Why was his poor performance acceptable for three years anyway? 
  • My top three performers have left this year so I know I need to work on my reward packages.
    • Why haven’t you ensured you reviewed your packages before now - maybe it was great ‘getting away with paying less and not offering anything more’? Until now. 
  • I’m being taken to an employment tribunal - I’d best get some advice.
    • Why didn’t you get the advice and ensure you followed the advice before this situation arose - you could just be focusing on your business right now and not having this keeping you awake at night.

You’re not alone I know that. But why not act now instead of react later with your HR practices?  We can work with you to put everything in place so that when (if) you do need to react you’ll be much more confident.

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