Singing the Blues

21 January 2019

It’s freezing outside, it’s still a few days until pay day and today is known as blue Monday…..waaaahhhhh!  What can you do to keep your employees focus this week and spirits high?  Here are our top tips for putting a smile on your employees faces this Monday:

  1. Start planning an event – what better way to cheer people up than planning an event?  A team night out bowling, a trip to the pub after work or the summer party – remind staff that they have lots to look forward to and get them involved
  2. Encourage the team to take a lunch break – when people take regular breaks they are more productive so make sure you remind everyone they should be taking breaks to refresh and revitalise.  Encourage staff to go for a walk together, or if possible arrange a set time where everyone will put their tools down and sit together.  Even if just 15/20 minutes it will help to bring the team together and lift spirits
  3. Set a challenge for the week to change their focus – improve the customer service rating, close 5 deals, make 10 products – whatever it is encourage your staff to put their energy into something positive and reward them for doing so….healthy competition is great for individuals and your business!
  4. Recognise achievements – if anyone achieved anything significant the week before sing their praises.  Remind your staff that reward and recognition is part of your culture and if they have seen or heard anything to share it too.  (If it isn’t part of your culture give us a call….it should be!)
  5. Remind your staff of the help/support available – whether you have access to an employee assistant programme, an occupational health provider or just general support widely available highlight the details to staff.  Health or financial worries take their toll so look after your staff by publishing local contacts who may help in periods of difficulty.  If you have any contacts look at the option of arranging drop in sessions with financial contacts, health providers etc. so that staff know you care and they feel supported

Can you think of other things you can improve/implement to raise your employees spirits?  Drop us a line to let us know what you do and if you need any help with any of the above or any people problems give us a call and together we will ‘discover what’s possible’.