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18 September 2018

We have worked with many SME’s and they’ve told us they want to grow, and although there are sometimes a number of factors affecting their growth the main one is often that the MD’s and Business Owners are too busy working IN their business rather than ON their business.

We’ve worked hard to make MD’s and Business Owners understand that every minute they spend working on tasks that can be delegated is a minute that they are not planning, strategising or growing their business.                                                                           

Taking away the people burden (their words not ours!) we therefore provide a commercially aware, practical service covering the whole employment lifecycle from providing the right documentation when hiring a new employee, giving tools and support to manage poor performing employees and making sure no one falls foul of the law when dismissing staff plus everything in between!

We know that not every business needs or wants a permanent HR resource and therefore we operate in a way which means there is almost no risk to them.  Just someone providing advice and support when it is needed.

The benefits for businesses are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Access to expertise not available in-house
  • Flexibility
  • Compliance
  • Efficiency

We pride ourselves on the ‘no lengthy tie ins’ and there are no hidden catches.  We know we are always ‘marked’ (see what we did there?!) on our last days work so we work hard to ensure our clients always see the value with regular reviews and good honest feedback.  If it isn’t working no one is stuck with us to see out the contract – that’s no fun for anyone!  We just ask that the final bill is paid!

Some of the successful projects which have helped MD’s refocus their attention have included:

  • Restructuring a business – reducing the MD’s direct reports from 17 to 5
  • Dismissing a long serving disruptive employees via a strong process
  • Set up Management Meetings to encourage strategic thinking – not just moaning!
  • Trained managers in basic HR principles and followed up to ensure the skills were embedded
  • Written people plans and HR strategy to support the business plan initiatives and objectives

So, if you want to discuss the benefits in more detail, want to feel secure but not tied down let’s have a chat and together we can discover what’s possible.