If you don’t feel you need us on board right now but just need a little bit of guidance maybe some of the stuff below will help.

As a business owner I have come to accept (and am happy to admit – although don’t tell my husband!) I can’t do everything. I have built up a breadth of knowledge and skills but over my career there are things I haven’t got involved in and/or haven’t mastered but I know there are a lot of other skilled, talented and knowledgeable people out there that could help me!

When I started my business, my Grandad said to me ‘don’t do the jobs that are not within your main skill set. Someone else will do it quicker, better and therefore more cost effective than you – employ them and concentrate on what you’re good at’.

I’ve really taken this on board. It means I can concentrate on the things I know I am good at and love – it doesn’t mean I’m a failure! My advice to business owners is to follow this route. You’re in business because you love your work, service and/or product but it doesn’t mean you have to know everything about everything.

That’s why we’re here to help. HR can be daunting and scary but we know how to deal with it. Working together we can complement each other to achieve our goals.

Give us a call to let us help you with your people problems and give you the time and ability to focus once again on what you love.

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Common HR Problems

Having been in the business for many years we have come across many problems and have been approached by businesses with their weird and wonderful problems too.

Common Problems

HR Audit

Download our free HR Audit today to see how your people practices stack up.

HR Audit

Calculating Holiday Allowance

Holiday allowances can be quite tricky but use this guide to ensure you are offering the right allowance.

Calculating Holiday Allowances

New Starter Form

Make sure you capture everything you need from your new employees.

Starter Form

Induction Top Tips

Your induction is the final part of the recruitment process and the first part of performance management – it is important that you do it and you do it right! Use our top tips to ensure you get it right.

Induction Top Tips

Sample Job Description

If you want your staff to perform it is easier if they now what you’re expecting of them! Use this template to ensure you capture what you need.

Sample Job Description

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