Read on to find some top tips and advice when dealing with some difficult (but all too common!) situations…


Here we go, here we go, here we go...

Oh yes, the world cup is upon us and no doubt many of you will be thinking once again 'here we go....what excuse will they have this time...?'

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Born to be Wild

That is how the song goes, however all too often it seems to us some people are just born to be difficult.

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No benefits, no annual pay increase and no hierarchical structure for you to progress into

Not really the punchiest line for you to use in your latest job advert! However, it is often the reality when you’re recruiting in an SME.

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Top Tips for difficult conversations

We’ve all been there! Whether someone’s behaviour isn’t up to scratch, their hygiene leaves a lot to be desired or their work standards are falling, we have to take action.

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