Welcome to cooperativeHR Ltd. We are an independent (not part of the co-op or co-operative!), Sussex based, commercially aware HR Consultancy who can help you improve your business performance through effective people practices.


We know HR can be confusing and dealing with issues can sometimes be scary (especially when as a business owner you are wearing so many hats at once) but we know our stuff and therefore can walk you through the processes step by step to get things back on track.


How We Can Help You

Our aim is to keep it simple. We provide jargon free, practical solutions to improve business performance.

Let us help you achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of packages and levels of support. If you don’t know how we could help you and/or don’t think we could help you give us a call. We love a challenge and we will be able to prove how we can add value to your business by becoming your outsourced HR partner in a cost effective way.

Just think – how great would it be if you could refocus your time and attention again to working on the business you love, achieving your dreams rather than in it on the people problems? Let us help you do this.


Improve performance

We ensure the right people are recruited and the wrong people removed! We’ll work on your culture and help to identify and train your future leaders.


Achieve Results

We coach and challenge your managers, set targets and hold the team (including you if you want!) to account making sure value is added to the bottom line.


Provide Advice

We help you to understand what you can do and not what you cant do whilst keeping in line with the law. Always, practical, no nonsense with clear actions and deliverables.

We Are Here For You

We are certain you’ve thought before ‘why on earth did I start hiring people’ or ‘all employees are a bl**dy nightmare’ but we know that most of these comments come from people that have either recruited the wrong people, not managed people effectively and/or just haven’t got the time or knowledge to pull out the skills and talents of their employees.

We know when employees are managed effectively, companies benefit from better performance levels, more efficiency and ultimately - what every business owner wants - increased profitability.

Theresa’s has such a vast range of valuable knowledge – both strategically and operationally and I would recommend cooperativeHR to anyone. She assisted me with a multitude of issues. I felt very reassured that all processes were handled with care and enthusiasm to ensure fair treatment of employees as well as having the best outcome for the business.Courtney, i360
Theresa was very professional, knew her stuff and dealt with the employee amazingly as they were very difficult. Without Theresa and her knowledge the process would have taken a lot longer, been more stressful and would have cost us more. I cannot recommend Theresa high enough, she is amazing and well worth every penny.Tanya, Town Planning Experts

Give us a call or drop us an email today. We can’t wait to meet you and start working with you.